How are Matches Funded?

Your support makes our work possible.

How are our Matches Funded?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the nation's largest donor-supported mentoring organizations. Our matches are funded by charitable donations from individuals, grants, foundations, companies, and special events. The vast majority (83%) of donations go directly to program services, which funds our service delivery model from beginning to end. We aim to keep our general and administrative and fundraising costs to a mininum so our donors are confident that we are being good stewards of their investment in the lives of our kids. We also ask our donors to invest in the Founder's Fund, which is a cash reserve fund that ensures sustainability of our program and allows us to have leverage to go after more funding to grow our program. 

Revenue for FY 2016

Each year, we are tasked with bringing in the revenue necessary to support our program and its growth. We have a diverse portfolio of income, including grant funding, foundations, individual donors, corporate sponsors, and special events. This graph shows the breakdown of our revenue for Fiscal Year July 2015-June 2016. Our total revenue was $685,083, and $150,000 was designated to our Founder's Fund.

Expenses for FY 2016

We pride ourselves both on the quality of our programming and the stewardship of our funding. A vast majority (83%) of our donations directly fund our one-to-one mentoring programs. When you donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can be assured that your dollars are making a difference in the lives of children facing adversity in Southwest Virginia. In Fiscal Year July 2015-June 2016, we spent to operate our mentoring programs.